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Komponenten für WKAs > Lattice tower

 S52.01 tower komplett.002.jpg

S52.01 tower komplett.009.jpg 


Description of design:



All weldings are now removed by an bolted  brace connection.


Foundation: View underneath  

S52.01 tower komplett.003.jpg 

Detail of bolted brace connection 


Adaptor 01-02:

Complete redesign of the adaptor to optimize the flow of the forces.

S52.01 tower komplett.005.jpg


Segment 01:

All weldings removed by bolted brace connection.

S52.01 tower komplett.004.jpg



Segment 02:

To increase the accessibilty of the bolts inside the leg members chamfers were added.

S52.01 tower komplett.006.jpg


The center bolt connection of the cross braces got reduced. This will facilitate the mounting process.

S52.01 tower komplett.007.jpg



S52.01 tower komplett.008.jpg

  • Specification of galvanization process is now according to GL requirements.
  • Bolt holes are now according EC3.

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